Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare

The sun and elements can take a toll on our skin as we age. Everyone wants to have that youthful glow and resilient skin that had in there younger years. With the Authentic Skincare line, you will see dramatic results and look years younger.

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Christie Brinkley Skincare

Christie Brinkley Skincare Bio Clock Anti Aging System

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The Science of the Breakthrough

Bio-Clock Anti Aging System


“Christie’s Bio-Clock
Activation System™

works with your skin’s
natural rejuvenation
process to make you
look younger, faster!”

Dr. Rapaport

Christie’s products work to protect and repair the 5 top signs of aging skin… wrinkles, sagginess, discoloration, age spots, crepiness.

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How Has Christie Brinkley Made 60 the New 40?


Discover how these revolutionary anti-aging products packed with award winning ingredients will give you the results you’ve been searching for.

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