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Our Candies

New chocolate sweets and favorite fruity treats – try them all!

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What’s inside the Box

     Here’s a sample of a recent shipment.

      Each box is packed with three amazing candies plus
candy splash – something for everyone to enjoy.

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Sweet Sentiments

A sweet surprise every month! – Samantha

You get to try things you may not normally buy. I
have to hide some of it from my kids so I could have
some too!Rachael

The candy is the softest and even when it’s like
something you can buy at the store, it isn’t! It is totally
different tasting and better!Christina

We get so excited to get our candy! We sit down
together and taste each piece together! It’s one of
the few things that we do as a family and brings us
closer together. Thank you so much for the candy and
fun into our family!Carrie