500 + CrockPot Girls Recipes

CrockPot – Fun, Easy and Delicious Recipes!

Do you love a good home cooked meal, but find that you don’t have enough time to always prepare one?  Let me tell you if you have never tried cooking in a crockpot, then you are in for a wonderful surprise!

crockpotInstantly access The Crockpot Girls Collection by going here now and dive right into 527 pages full of impressive meals and tasty treats.

  • Homemade Clam Chowder
  • Chinese Pepper Steak
  • Chicken Stroganoff
  • Cheese and Meatball Soup
  • Chili Beef Dip
  • Creamy Hash Browns
  • Even Cajun-style pecans!

You won’t find any junk in these cookbooks. Some of our recipes are extremely healthy, others are more along the lines of comfort food.

We know that sometimes you want a healthy, delicious choice and other times you just want a hearty home cooked meal and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!


Meals your family will love!

The Crockpot Girls have hand-selected these recipes because they’re simple to make in any Crock pot, they use common everyday ingredients you can find at your local supermarket, and they taste so delicious that the entire family will love them. You can rely on these recipes to be easy to cook and delicious.

All you need is a Crockpot and The Crockpot Girls Collection to start making unbelievable meals at home today. Whether you’re a great cook looking for some new tricks to keep up your sleeve, or someone who manages to burn even the most simple meals, this is the collection for you. Crockpot cooking is foolproof, and it’s a great way to get the most out of any ingredients.

You don’t need any cooking skills to prepare any of these recipes. The instructions are so simple, and big colorful photos show you how everything is supposed to look.